TEDxJohannesburg 2015, Apply to Attend

TEDxJohannesburg 2015, Moonshots

Human progress is the story of one step, followed by another. Some steps small and personal. Some big and audacious. We thrive on both. Courage and tenacity turn our impossibles on their heads. Curiosity and wonder propel us forward. We are at our creative best when we take on our most daunting challenges.

Solutions to our biggest problems will come from Moonshots; the most monstrous, awe-inspiring dreams, hopes and goals that we set for ourselves.

So get ready for TEDxJohannesburg 2015. Join the discussion as we tackle this, our most demanding theme yet.

The date is Thursday 19 November. The venue is Soweto Theatre.

Apply to attend.

Women’s Month

August is Women’s Month in South Africa. To celebrate, we’re conducting long-form interviews with 20 women who have spoken at TEDxJohannesburg. Inspired by Huffington Post’s Sophia project, we’re asking them to share stories and advice about topics that are central to a well-lived life.

See the interviews on our brand new Blog@Medium. Please read and share.

Expect a post every day of the week until end of August.